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Providing compassionate and holistic care to individuals and their families through advocacy, education, guidance and support. Helping to remove barriers that may prevent access to quality medical and supportive care.

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What is an End of Life Doula, Reiki Practitioner & Patient Advocate?

End of Life Doulas also known as Death Doulas are non-medical companions providing holistic services. End of Life Doulas serve the client and families at any point in their journey from initial diagnosis through end of life and bereavement. Doulas do not replace the primary care team but rather complement other services being received and collaborate with all care providers involved.

End of Life Doulas add support and peace of mind by spending time with the client and their families. Doulas hold space for everyone involved to speak openly about their fears, hopes and life stories. They help the client to create their own personalized sense of calm. The heart of the doula service is to assist the client in living their best life up until their final breath.

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to promote relaxation and healing. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver warm soothing energy to your body, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. Reiki is also referred to as energy work. Mikao Usui developed Reiki in the 1920’s and it is now used globally in hospitals and hospices to complement other forms of health treatments.

Patient Advocates are non-medical companions who assist with access and resources related to general information, guidance and logistical support. Advocates work with clients in gathering information needed to make informed medical decisions about their health.

Offerings depending on your needs.*

Doula Services

  • Guidance, support and education throughout the dying process.
  • Spiritual, emotional, and practical support.
  • Advance care and end of life planning education and resources.
  • Supportive and intuitive presence at the bedside during the final hours of a person’s life, also known as sitting vigil.
  • Life review or legacy projects.
  • Support after death.

Reiki Sessions

  • 1 hour Reiki Sessions.
  • Sessions provided in your home.
  • Reiki can be received while lying down or seated.
  • Anyone can receive energy work throughout all stages of their life including animals.
Susan Creech - Patient Advocate in Raleigh, NC

Susan Creech

Susan is the owner of Advocate By Your Side. Over the course of her nursing career, Susan primarily served seniors, cancer patients and provided care and comfort to individuals and their families at the end of life.

My goal is to focus on the unique needs of each individual and family served. As an End of Life Doula, Reiki Practitioner and Advocate, I hold space for spiritual, emotional and practical support for everyone.

Susan received training through the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine and earned a professional certificate as an End of Life Doula. Susan is currently continuing her doula training through the Center of Conscious Living and Dying in Asheville. She currently volunteers for two local hospices.

Susan is a certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master. She trained under Deborah Dixon Usui/Tibetan Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master.

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Frequently Asked Questions get to know us better.

Can you provide medical advice since you have a medical background?

Advocate By Your Side does not provide medical advice, prescribe or diagnose. We provide you with resources and information that can help you make informed medical decisions about your health.

How do I get started and what are the fees?

The initial 20 minute consultation is free. During the consultation we will discuss your circumstances and answer any questions you may have. Next steps is history intake and formulating a care plan. Services are billed at an hourly rate. Costs will depend on each individual's needs.

Does insurance pay for your services?

Insurance does not pay for Independent Patient Advocates or End of Life Doulas at this time. The benefit is we work for you which allows more flexibility.

What don't we do?

We do not provide medical care, medical advice, legal advice or financial advice. We cannot prescribe, diagnose or make healthcare, legal or financial decisions for you. We do not offer transportation.

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